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It's hard to find anyone who would disagree with the assertion that the most precious in life is health. In this context, the modern aphorism of ancient Greek philosopher Socrates sounds: "Health is not everything, but without health everything else is nothing!".

Indeed, only good health allows to lead active life, to be happy and successful in all areas of  a human activity.

At the same time, it’s no wonder that in today's society it is more and more difficult to maintain a high standard of health because of the impact of unfavorable environment and the ever-increasing tension in society. However, many of us overlook the undeniable fact that one of the most effective ways to prevent the occurrence of unfavorable situations related to health problems is the timely undergoing of preventive medical examinations.

In fact, it is a regular medical examination (in essence, a set of medical services), that allows a person to protect themselves from the troubles and losses associated with deterioration of well-being.

In the clinic of modern neurology "Aksimed" you can use the services of doctors of the following specialties:

 Here every patient can receive a full range of medical services that meet the highest European standards and requirements. The clinic provides a wide range of such medical services:


The doctor's consultation. Help physicians in clinical neurology Aksimed, Kiev


 Diagnosis. Diagnosis in Neurology Clinic Aksimed, Kiev


Treatment.  Treatment of diseases in neurology clinic Aksimed, Kiev


Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation of diseases in neurology clinic Aksimed, Kiev


As can be seen from the visualization in "Aksimed" you will be able to undergo a medical periodic examination by medical professionals, and if necessary to carry out diagnostics and undergo treatment / rehabilitation.

People living in the 21 century should not forget that the absence of clear signs of sickness does not mean that he / she is completely healthy.

Medical services can be got by men, women, children and people of retirement age.

Diagnostic medical services include:

 To carry out the services described above clinic "Aksimed" offers not only the latest equipment from the world leaders (Toshiba, Agfa HealthCare, BTL, Bobat etc.) but also highly qualified personnel. 

For patients requiring intensive supervision, treatment is carried out in a day hospital.

Opened in 2014 the Center for rehabilitation after stroke and injuries of the musculoskeletal system provides services for restoration of disturbed functions.

Also in the clinic there operates a modern trauma center.

In our price list patient will always find special programs and promotional offers.

"Aksimed" is high-quality and affordable health care.

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