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Stroke. Stroke treatment in the clinic of neurology Aksimed, Kiev

Stroke - an acute cerebrovascular disorder, characterized by sudden (in minutes, hours) occurrence of focal neurological symptoms (paralysis of the limbs, impaired speech, loss of coordination, swallowing, and so on).

All strokes are divided into ischemic (cerebral infarction) and hemorrhagic (bleeding in the brain).

Stroke refers to vascular diseases of the brain (cerebrovascular disease), and remains one of the most urgent problems of modern medicine, because it causes permanent disability of patients.

Now, only 10-20% of those stroke survivors, return to an active life, in most cases, this terrible disease leaves behind a lasting motor or speech defect. And such a return is not possible without passing the full course of rehabilitation after stroke.

Ischemic stroke is more common among the elderly, its cause are atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels and carotid arteries, hypertension, heart disease, accompanied by arrhythmia, diabetes and a combination of these factors.

The presence of atherosclerotic plaque in the vessel eventually leads to the formation of thrombus and occlusion of the vessel and then a stroke. Another mechanism is separation of a part of a thrombus into the heart (after a heart attack, arrhythmia), its migration into the brain and cerebral vessel occlusion (cardiogenic embolism).

Ischemic stroke develops more often in the morning or at night: Patient’s limbs suddenly weaken of the same side (hemiparesis), speech can be broken, there is the problem with coordination of movements, swallowing, vision.

Symptoms depend on the localization of the vascular pool which had a stroke. As a rule, at ischemic stroke a patient remains conscious, although the contact may be difficult because of the speech impairment.

Hemorrhagic Stroke (bleeding in the brain). The cause of bleeding in the brain is most often hypertension. Hypertension is a persistent increase in blood pressure (BP) ≥140 / 90 mm Hg, accompanied by structural changes in the target organs, one of which is the brain. Untreated hypertension is accompanied by a hypertensive crisis, during one of which can happen rupture of the vessel wall and bleeding in the brain.

If you suspect brain stroke, you or your relatives should immediately call the brigade of "first aid": all acute stroke must be extremely treated at hospital. The recovery process after stroke is often complex and time-consuming, the patient remains rough neurological deficit, high lethality (especially in the case of hemorrhagic stroke). So, of course, it is necessary to prevent stroke.

Prevention of stroke and cerebrovascular disease received much attention in the world as well as in Ukraine. Prevention is a correction of stroke risk factors (hypertension, high cholesterol, increased blood clotting, diabetes, obesity, smoking, alcohol, physical inactivity).

Important are smoking cessation, rational exercise, normalization of body weight, diet with restriction of salt and animal fat, rich in fiber and vitamins. Patients with adequate risk factors must be adequately investigated (Study blood glucose, coagulation ability, cholesterol, blood pressure diary, ultrasound of the head and neck vessels, heart and ECG so on).

In diagnostics of hypertension, patient is prescribed antihypertensive therapy it is very important to keep permanent (lifelong) taking of antihypertensive drugs and blood pressure control.

If a patient is found with hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerotic plaques in the US, increased clotting ability of the blood to the patient can be assigned therapy of anti atherosclerotic medications and antiplatelet means, in accordance with indications.

Very important is personal commitment of patients to treatment: elimination of errors and omissions in the reception of medicines.

Our clinic has a full range of necessary diagnostic tests to assess the stroke risk factors and efficacy of rehabilitation treatment.

Qualified experts - vascular neurologists, always amount to an individual patient program for the prevention of cerebrovascular disease, and help return it a patient the usual / healthy lifestyle.

Medical rehabilitation after stroke in a specialized center of clinic "Aksimed" is the key to successful restoration of the broken motor, speech, cognitive and social function of patients.

We know that 2/3 of all strokes leave a rough motor defect, and therefore the most important issue for the patient and their relatives is the prevention of recurrent cerebrovascular events.

The most important, of course, is lifelong reception of so-called secondary prevention medications (antihypertensives, protivoateroskleroticheskim antiplatelet drugs and indicated), but particularly relevant in the recovery period are rehabilitation measures.


The stay in hospital (1 hour)
The stay in hospital (1 day)
Accommodation of the accompanying in the ward (1 Day)
Additional supervision junior nurse ( 1 day)
Individual post junior nurse ( 1 day)
Verticalizer BALANS (duration 30 min.)
MOTOmed (duration 30 min.)
Cardiotraining (duration 30 min.)
Rehabilitation therapy
Kinesitherapy (duration 60 min.)
Kinesitherapy (duration 30 min.)
Ergotherapy (duration 60 min.)
Ergotherapy (duration 60 min.)
Speech therapy (duration 60 min.)
Speech therapy (duration 30 min.)
Speech therapy in the rehabilitation department
Psychological correction

Functioning in Clinic "Aksimed" of the modern center for rehabilitation after stroke is equipped with the latest science and practice of restorative treatment. The Center employs a multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals that use European methods of treatment and rehabilitationi and achieves its goals in the quickest time possible.

In addition, we also have a hall of medical physical training with equipment from leading manufacturers (Matrix, Johnson), where qualified therapists and doctors will pick up the individual program of physical therapy to fully restore the Patient lost / disturbed functions.

Stroke. Rehabilitation after stroke in neurology clinic Aksimed, Kiev

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